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Specialist Machinery - Customer Solutions

If you are experiencing a problem which you think a bespoke specialist piece of equipment may be able to solve – it's worth contacting us. Our “out of the box” thinking has come up with a number of creative solutions to help improve customer production processes

The Waste Management Solution


Employees were required to manually empty the contents of large drums into waste skips


Design and development of an automated screw system which allowed the safe and thorough emptying of the drums. It also greatly increased the rate at which the drums could be emptied and recycled


Vastly improved employee health & safety with regards to manual and hazardous material handling

Financial benefits from increased handling and recycling rates .  

The Tin Handling  Solution


How to reduce the repetitive action of employees on a tin handling production line having to turn items through 90 degrees from one part of the production line to another


The creation of a tin turning device and conveyor system, now employed at customer site


More productive utilisation of employee time and company resource

Improved health & safety standards for employees and company

Financial benefits associated with cost reduction